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What is You BeauTEA Collagen Tea?

You BeauTEA Collagen Tea with Vitamin C is a marine collagen tea infused perfectly with a herbal tea.  You BeauTEA Collagen Tea is designed to hydrate your skin, to build and maintain your collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Drink You BeauTEA with Vitamin C to improve your skins elasticity. Our unique tea has 2000mg of collagen peptide and Vitamin C which is needed to stimulate and build your collagen. You BeauTEA is designed to give you thick shiny hair and also make your nails longer and stronger.

How Does it Work?
You BeauTEA collagen tea with added Vitamin C works from within your body. Once you have consumed the collagen tea, it is absorbed to create what is called amino acids. Once the amino acids are travelling within your body they act in generating the collagen synthesis process. This is the building block to generate and stimulate collagen within your skin, hair and nails.
Why do I need collagen?

Collagen is a natural protein in our bodies to combat against the ageing process. It naturally acts as a foundation for cells, tissues, organs and essentially helps stop out skin from sagging. Together with keratin and elastin, collagen helps gives our skin strength, structure and elasticity.
When we start out in life, a third of our skin is made up of collagen, which we gradually lose at about 1% a year.
With the ageing process, the body produces less collagen naturally, and women start to say hello to wrinkles and saggy skin.
Why do I need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is important to our bodies as it helps repair and regenerate tissues and support a health immune system. Research suggests that a daily intake of Vitamin C is highly important in boosting our health by strengthening our skin, tissue, bones, and blood vessels. In fact experts suggest that vitamin C works in combating the signs of ageing. And our bodies need vitamin C to make collagen.