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As we start to approach ‘the holiday season’, we are seeing a lot of advertisements for cosmetic products. In particular, we seem to be surrounded by adverts advising us to purchase an army of anti-aging products to ward off wrinkles and cling to our youth. I feel like women especially are bombarded with reminders that we should fight the process of aging. Ok, so I’d like to stay looking fresh, but I’d like do so in a natural way. I certainly don’t have the money for botox, so even if that seemed like an appealing option I’d need to find another solution!

There are definitely ways to preserve your body without resorting to drastic measures or a beauty regime that takes an age. Simple tricks are the best ways: good food; hydration; fresh air; and exercise. If you’re a mum with young kids, you get plenty of exercise running around after them. Fresh air should also be a given, when the kids insist on going out to the park in all weathers. With a busy schedule, it’s the food and drink that are the hardest to tackle. When you’re so busy organising food for the kids, it’s easy to forget about yourself and just eat whatever’s in the fridge. I try to remember that, firstly, I’m supposed to be providing a good example to my children and instilling good eating habits in them and, secondly, that I need the energy! It’s really important to not neglect your own nutritional needs and eat well-balanced meals. And, of course, it’s vital to keep drinking! No, sadly not wine; that won’t keep your skin supple (what a world we would live in if it did!). Water is obviously a must, but there are other drinks that will hydrate your body and do even more.

Tea can make you beautiful. As much as I love the social aspect (and solitude) of drinking tea, it can also be super good for your insides and outsides. The collagen peptides in my raspberry tea are great for your skin, hair and nails. To save you a biology lesson, collagen is a protein matter we all have in our bodies and it helps regenerate our skin and bones. As we get older, we need to supplement it. Added to this, the vitamin C content in the tea is super high, which is great for the immune system and is necessary to make collagen within your body. I find that I’d much rather sit with a cup of collagen-filled tea, than spend 20 minutes morning and night slathering it on my face and body in cream form.

I also find that the very act of taking the 5 minutes calmly enjoy a hot cup, does wonders for you too. Modern life is busy, busy, busy and can make you feel run down. It is important to take a few minutes for yourself here and there, if you’re calm and confident, you are beautiful, and you’ll have that natural glow. Real beauty is effortless (well, minimal effort) and natural.

So, as always, I advise you to sit down, have a cup of tea and feel good.